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Bibles For Africa


  For just $3 you can purchase a Bible for someone in Africa.  $15 will purchase 5 Bibles.  
   You can send your donation by placing it in a tithe envelop and marking it Bibles for Africa.

Or you can just click here.
  You can also donate your extra Bibles around the house at no cost to even to ship.  Just bring them by the church where we will place a collection box. 

P.S. Add a text of inspiration. 
In a country where so many work for just $35 a month, a Bible can be a sizable purchase.  But what may seem like a fortune to them is less than the average price for a loaf of bread here at home.

  Be a part of changing someones life by introducing them to the only truth that matters.  That being the truth of Jesus Christ our Saviour. 


How can you make a difference?  There are two ways to join the challenge.

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